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The Perfect Roast for the Perfect Smoke


Imported fromTanzania 

Brewed in Mississippi

Our CEO,  Jabari O. Edwards, Sr., a cigar connoisseur,  ventured to Tanzania, searching for the perfect coffee beans to pair with the world’s finest cigars. Tanzanian coffee has a characteristically sharp -winy acid taste, medium to full-bodied, and rich in flavor.


With its intense and creamy essence, Tanzanian coffee is the perfect match for a cigar. In our search through East Africa, we found the ideal coffee beans to bring back to the states. 


Grade AA


Our coffee beans are 100% Grade AA Arabica! We package each roast to ensure only the freshest beans are delivered to you and our partners. By trading online we're able to provide you one of the best cups of coffee. Close your eyes tight enough after one sip and you may feel like you're enjoying an early morning or late night in Tanzania. 

About Us
Giving Back

Our Why

Buying from us Makes a Difference 

Percentage of proceeds go to help minority businesses and creates scholarships for students from low socioeconomic communities who desire to attend a publicly funded Historically Black College and University.

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(662) 329-5600


605 2nd Ave N, Columbus, MS 39701

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